2024 Prices

XRP wants to move higher in 2024. Silver wants to move higher in 2024. Interestingly, both XRP and silver have similarities on their chart. This is noting knew, we pointed to this correlation already many years ago. It is just that the chart setups of both XRP & silver are so strongly correlated that it is ‘almost a given’ that both will move higher in 2024.

Market Cap size

XRP has a market cap of $32.8 billion at the time of writing (XRP price at 0.61 USD). The fully diluted market cap of XRP is closer to $61 billion. The total value of all cryptocurrencies combined is $1.38 trillion, so XRP has a share of 2.3% against the total crypto market cap. The estimated value of all silver in existence is around $600 billion (silver price at 23 USD/oz). This is based on the total silver mined, to date, which is some 1.4 billion kg of silver, taking into account that silver corrodes and just under half of that silver no longer exists as a metal.

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